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Since our start in 2019, we have had hundreds of successful adoption. There is nothing better than seeing all of our former foster cats each with their own, unique story living happy and healthy in their forever homes. Here are just a few of the success stories we've had thus far!



Adopted November, 2019

This handsome tabby was stumbled upon by Lydia in April of 2019, coming up on his third year of life outdoors on Yarrow Way. After TNR'ing Prince and another local cat, O'Malley, Lydia regularly visited the colony and saw firsthand how special Prince was, always ready to flop for some belly rubs. Determined to home this unusually friendly colony, Prince was the first to be placed into foster. After a rough-start to indoor life and difficulty to socialize, he had to be placed elsewhere. Long-time visitors of the Yarrow Way colony, Alan and Heather Lucas stepped up and welcomed him into their cat-palace of a home. Prince, intended to be a foster, had other plans. While learning how to sleep on beds and interact with three new cat siblings, he decided to make himself at home and is now living out his days in the most wonderful forever family with Alan and Heather. 



Adopted January 31st, 2020

Another of the Yarrow Cats, TNR'd along with Prince in April, this boy had a kind, but somewhat stand-offish personality in the outdoors. There were many times he desired attention, but it was clear humans had not been good to him. After around three years hanging around Yarrow Way, he was brought into co-founder Lydia Swanson's apartment for a leg injury. It was there she discovered that O'Malley is the most laidback, loving, and calm hunk of a cat. He adjusted as if he hadn't just spent years outside. Her bed became his bed, her apartment became his apartment. He had his fair share of ailments, from a leg injury, to worms, to giardiasis, and a sensitive stomach, but he's since recovered. Hearing about him, he was offered a spot at the Scratching Post Lewisburg Cat Cafe where Lydia volunteers. After waiting a little over a month, O'Malley finally picked his perfect person. The first thing he did when he got to his new mom Diane's house was lay on her bed. It's safe to say he is home.



Adopted August 13th, 2019

At only a week old Nala, along with her four siblings, was found drowning in a window well during heavy rains while their feral mom, Sarafina, struggled to relocate her babies. Luckily they had big voices for only being a few ounces, enough to be heard by cat-lover and founder, Elizabeth. After scooping up the five kittens and taking them inside to dry they were returned to their feline momma who could provide milk to boost their immune systems. It took Sarafina over six hours that day to carry four of her newborns to a new, safe location. By dark, Nala was the only one left. Now a bottle-baby and being syringe fed hourly, Nala had to fight off a nasty upper-respiratory infection that took months to clear. You may consider this story less of a success and more of a foster-fail but Nala stayed with her new mom, Elizabeth, and is now a healthy and happy kitten. She truly started it all for co-founder, Elizabeth, who loves every second of bottle-feeding and kitten rearing.

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