Meet the Team

Meet Lydia. Since 2018, Lydia has spent her time in her hometown volunteering at the Scratching Post - Lewisburg  Cat Cafe and the Lycoming County SPCA. As a student at the University of Pittsburgh, she discovered a small colony of eight cats in Oakland less than a half-mile from the core of the University of Pittsburgh's campus. With advice from her local organization, Cherished Cats Rescue Alliance, Lydia began an interesting journey into TNR, taking care of that colony as well as a 45 cat colony. Lydia is a passionate animal advocate, vegan and environmentalist. She has never turned down the challenge of a tough feral tomcat (her favorite type) or a cat deemed too sick by others to take on.

Lydia reached out to Elizabeth in September of 2019 after hearing there was another colony nearby and after teaching her the ways of trapping, the two began working together with the goal of TNR'ing all of Oakland. It was through this that Oakland TNR Coalition was born.

Meet Elizabeth. Liz is a Pitt Alumna, aspiring DVM, and long-time cat lover. In August of 2019, Liz heard the cries of kittens during a heavy rainstorm and discovered five kittens trapped in a window-well, close to drowning. Four of the kittens were taken back by the feral mother, leaving her to bottle-raise the fifth, abandoned kitten, thus throwing her into the world of rescue. A month later, Liz was reached out to by Lydia and the two began a journey into community education and TNR with the mission of saving as many cats as they could.


Liz is a strong advocate for animal rights, spay & neuter, and TNR. She enjoys what some deem as the more squeamish tasks of rescue and takes a special interest in neotnatal care and difficult medical cases.

Meet Rachel. Also a Pitt alumna, Rachel grew up with dogs! Once on her own, her family thought a cat would be an easy way to start her family. In December of 2018, Rachel rescued her sassy girl, Abby, and discovered the joys of being a cat mom. Her grandmother helped pick out Abby at the shelter, which was a very special moment, and now Abby loves to vacation with her Grandma during trips home for the holidays. Little did Rachel know, that less than a year later, she (and Abby) would enter the world of cat rescue. 


Rachel made the decision to start fostering in September of 2019 when the pandemic hit and her work schedule became more flexible. Being a popular time for fostering, many large rescues had an abundance of help and so she stumbled upon an OTNRC post and very quickly found herself with her first pair of foster cats! Since then Rachel has became an important member of the team, not only fostering but also taking the title of adoption coordinator!